Venitian Blinds
Venitian Blinds
Venitian blinds are an all time favourite window shade option characterised by evenly spaced horizontal slates placed one above the other. Once designed in Venice, Italy, now venitian blinds are popular all over the world for their simple and bright design that can be executed using plastic, metal, and even wood.

Privacy and security
With the simple design of the venitian blinds, you can ensure completely safety and comfort in your household. With your venitian blinds drawn, you can keep your privacy, while also getting shade from bright lights and the harsh sun.

While these blinds are a classy and simple way to cover up large and oversized windows, they have the simple but necessary quality of elegance that makes them every homeowner’s foolproof choice.
Easy to use and maintain
Our high quality venitian blinds are manufactured with the highest grade materials. Every element, from the lifting chord to the horizontal slats that form the blind, is made to sustain daily use properly and effortlessly.

With splashproof options and easily wipeable surfaces, our ventinian blinds are very easy to maintain. This means you can set them and forget them for a few years, as they only need occasional cleaning and look sharp throughout.
Endless variety to choose from
We offer a range of Venitian blinds to choose from that range from wooden to plastic to aluminum slats of the blinds. They are available in many colours, and also differently sized slats which make for unique and interesting variations.

These are all made to measure to fit perfectly on every wall and window and give your interiors the most complementary look.

Our venetian blinds in Dubai are known for optimum quality and premium appeal, being a trendsetter in the market.

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