Redefining lifestyle with beautiful blinds, curtains, and window films
Impeccable products that exude luxury
Founded in 2009, Al Zairah is a leading manufacturer and supplier of customized window films, blinds, and curtains.
We design and offer mesmerizing products that have the ability to brighten up any space.

We have already expanded into three prominent divisions, namely Global Shades Blinds, Global Cool Window Films, and G Tracks (drapery hardware).

We have an in-house manufacturing unit with an experienced production staff which helps us ensure the product quality is always impeccable. We have over 60+ colour shade options for roller blinds, which is the largest collection you will find in the UAE market. But wait, there's more -- We also have a premium collection of fabrics and drapery hardware which can be completely customized according to your requirements.
Why us?
Made to measure
To ensure a perfect fit, we carefully measure every nook and cranny of your house, and then custom create products especially for you.
Quality control
Since we manufacture and supply all the products as well, we pay careful attention to the quality to make sure our clients get only the best.
Customer service
From helping your select the right product to installation, and even maintenance -- Our team supports you every step of the way.
Looking for custom product?
Our experts are always ready to help you with just about every need. Whether you are looking for window films, blinds, curtains, drapery hardware or anything else, we can help recommend the right products for all your needs.

Call 04 338 3166 to book a consultation today.

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