Hospital Cubicle System
Hospital Cubicle System
Hospital cubicle system curtains are designed keeping the needs of patients in mind, and are made with special fabric to ensure they are safe, hygienic, and efficient. We offer installation as per custom measurements to allow neatly fitted and well performing hospital track curtains.

Antibacterial and flame-retardant fabric
We make sure that the quality of our curtains is excellent and therefore only use inherently antibacterial fabric for this purpose. To ensure that the curtains perform efficiently creating enclosures and providing privacy, we use special flame retardant fabric that is a blend of polyester, aluminium, and other substances. This means the curtains are safe from germs and prevent the spread of diseases, and also do not catch fire in case of a mishap. They are also splash proof and can be cleaned easily with a damp cloth in case of spillage, and do not cause any environmental damage due to the use of chloro organic compounds.
Excellent suspension options
To make sure that the curtains work smoothly and effortlessly, we offer a range of suspension options all of which use high quality metal rods and bearings. Our high quality curtains can be arranged to hang from a ceiling track or suspended from a specially made supporting structure. The choice can be made depending on the size of the room and one’s personal choice.
Private and convenient
The high quality fabric used for our hospital cubicle system curtains is sturdy in quality and provides proper privacy once drawn properly. The choice of partition stripes also allows for supervision in case that is needed, and is also appropriate to let light pass through easily. With smooth gliding that doesn’t create any unnecessary sound, the curtains also make sure nobody in the room is disturbed or troubled.

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