Digital Printing
Digital Printing
Modern interior decor is unique and edgy, and involves personalisation to represent the personality and attitude of its inhabitants. This is true of residential complexes, office buildings, as well as educational institutions. With the help of superior digital printing, we bring in the customisation that one needs for all their needs.

Floor and 3D Printing
There are no more boring tiles or stone floorings with the amazing printing technology we offer. We have vinyl carpets and surface printing options that can be utilised to create custom floorings for houses, offices, schools, care centres, and any other institutions. With illustrations and multiple patterns to pick from, the possibilities to be creative and express oneself are truly endless. With the help of 3D printing, we can take floors, or practically any surfaces, to a whole new level.
Hoardings and Wall Printing
Wallpapers and paint can be quite a hassle, but digitally printed wall graphics can create beautifully realistic images that can be framed on walls, or used to replicate the skyline of New York for a bedroom. We also specialise in hoardings and blinds which can be used outdoors or indoors, as per the client’s needs.
Vinyls and Blinds Printing
We can create great textures and visuals on vinyls or fabrics that are fit for use anywhere as per one’s desire. Blinds are a huge part of any room, and with the custom printing options we offer you can put your pet’s face on them or your child’s first drawing. You don’t need to get paintings and pictures framed anymore as you can use your blinds as frames for the best artwork of your house and keep the most cherishable parts of your life right before your eyes.

To explore the endless printing options we offer to customise any and all parts of your house, give us a call at 04 338 3166 and book yourself a consultation.