Sand Blasted – Frosted films
Sand Blasted – Frosted films
We offer top notch sandblasted films that create a frosted effect on the glasses and in turn add an amazing aesthetic appeal and privacy to your spaces. Our immense range of sandblasted and frosted glasses are easy to maintain and affordable as well. The window films give a frosted look to the glass and they can be easily custom cut to any pattern. We can also make sure the films are expertly installed at the site in minimum time.

Give you a beautiful finish to your windows
Our sandblasted and frosted window films are carefully designed to cover your existing windows in a seamless manner without any inconsistencies. The frosting effect also gives windows an opaque appearance for a much needed privacy. If you are hoping to give a contemporary look to your space in an affordable manner, frosted glasses can work as the perfect alternative to blinds and net curtains.
The perfect combination of style and privacy
In order to help you add an element of style to your homes and offices, we have an expansive selection of sandblasted films. The versatility of the frosted films is what makes them unique. They are quick to apply, they offer you extended security and privacy, and most importantly, they don’t block out natural sunlight from coming into your home. With a number of different finishes available, you can make sure the frosted film you pick perfectly matches with your requirements.

At Global Cool Window Films, we offer customized and personalized sandblasted films at the best prices possible. You can ask are incredible experts to help suggest the best options and we can also offer an estimate with a site visit for custom solutions.

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