Safety Films
Safety Films
Glass can be highly fragile and even potentially dangerous material with the possibility of serious injuries if its broken. More importantly, when the glass in your windows is easily breakable, it also leaves you more susceptible to intruders and outside attacks.

Global Cool Window Films offer high quality safety films for windows to make your home more secure. Our efficient and effective safety film solutions are especially designed to strengthen and protect vulnerable windows, doors, and in fact, the entire exterior appearance.

Reinforce your windows
Our safety films are barely noticeable, but they are incredibly powerful and they can help avoid dangerous situations like vandalisms, break-ins, intrusions, and even natural disasters like storms. We have engineered a wide range of safety films that are powerful and they are bonded to surfaces using strong adhesives. Once they are successfully installed, the safety films help shield your spaces against any unwelcome surprises.

The goal of the high quality safety films we offer is to maintain physical integrity of your property for years to come and make you feel relieved about the security of your space.
Reduce your risks with safety films
Whether you live in a small town or a big city, security is always a major concern. Our safety films minimize intrusion by making it difficult to get through your windows. They also help reduce losses in case the window glasses break. That is because our safety films are powerful enough to hold together even broken glass shards.

With a wide variety of safety films, our experts can help recommend the right choice for your space according to your requirements and your budget.

You can get in touch with us today at 04 338 3166 to get expert advice from us and the perfect safety films for homes and commercial spaces.