Roman Blinds
Roman Blinds
Our Global Shades brand has an unparalleled collection of roman blinds are well suited for homes and offices with the endless variety of prints, fabrics, and textures. You can pick your preferred designs and styles from our wide range of roman blinds that come with small and large pleats. We can also custom custom make them according to your unique requirements.

Luxurious finish
Roman blinds have a smooth, uninterrupted finish that sits cleanly when the blinds are drawn. We offer an endless range of textures and prints which are extremely classy and chic. While they look appealing and sophisticated, they are also effective in keeping the sunlight out. They roll up beautifully and look graceful when undrawn as well.

With a well coordinated headrail and a slick lining, our Roman blinds give the appearance of absolute luxury in every room. You can also pick between blackout or thermal blinds as per your needs.
Customised to perfection
We make sure to deliver roman blinds that fit seamlessly in every room and create a stunning cover or silhouette, as per your unique requirements. With the correctly measured size, we create roman blinds that fit perfectly against the designated window.

They are also easy to clean and only need a light vacuuming. With easy maintenance and installation, these Roman blinds are not only great to look at but also extremely functional as well.
Wide variety to choose from
We offer a wide range of roman blinds that can match everyone’s taste and decor preferences. There is an abundance of fabrics and textures to choose from, as well as many prints and designs which are bound to compliment the decor of any house or office.

With customised special designs that can be further adjusted or modified to client’s preferences, our Roman blinds are the right choice for any window.

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