Roller Blinds
Roller Blinds
Global Shades brand under Al Zairah offers chic and stylish roller blinds for all your professional and personal spaces. The result is privacy and comfort in spaces occupied everyday, owing to our top notch roller blinds for windows and roofs.

Flaunt The Functional
We understand the need for functionality, which is why we offer the classiest designs of blinds and curtains that compliment all interiors-- from formal spaces to warm, comfortable homes.

With a multitude of vertical designs offered in wood, fabric, and vinyl, you can always find what is the right roller blinds that perfectly align with your interiors. All of our blinds are easy to clean, and moisture-proof.

Our roller blinds adjusts to the space they are used in while providing shade from harsh light during summertime and assisting in thermal insulation during the colder months.
Designs to die for
We offer an exhaustive collection of roller blinds with varying colours, smooth and embossed textures, vibrant patterns, unique materials. Each product is made to meet specific measurements and can be customised to meet the preexisting decor of any room.

Custom made with the right measurements to fit any size, our roller blinds elegantly cover up large windows in office spaces as well as let natural light in through the personal bedroom window seamlessly blending with the interiors of any room.
Quality Quotient Up
We design our roller blinds with precision and care for detail to come up with the right fit. We ensure optimum quality, performance, and durability by procuring highest grade raw material from the most exceptional sources and then using rust-proof components and anodised tubes for our products.

The end product is sturdy and reliable that is an investment to be proud of as it lasts for years and is truly timeless in its appearance, being both versatile and ultra-modern.
Let us find you the perfect, made-to-measure roller blinds

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