Drapery Hardware
Drapery Hardware (Curtain tracks & components)
G Tracks has an irresistible range of curtain tracks and related accessories to simplify your life. These components are extremely easy to install and offer you complete functionality.

The elegant and reliable curtain tracks and other drapery hardware that we offer can be completely customized according to your home and office spaces. Our specially designed curtain tracks and accessories are suitable for both heavy and light drapes.

High-quality hardware for smooth sliding curtains
Using curtain tracks helps you to achieve a clean and minimalistic look. They don’t interfere with the movement of the curtain and allow you to hang the curtains discreetly. You can choose between straight tracks and bendable tracks depending on the size and shape of your window.

Accessories such as hooks, mounting brackets, end stops, wands and batons can improve the performance of curtain tracks and enhance the durability of the tracks. They are useful to distribute the weight of the curtain evenly that ensures smooth movement of the curtains along the tracks.
The right choice for your curtains
We procure the highest grade raw material from various sources to manufacture the hardware. These accessories are available in different styles and sizes to suit your requirements. If you need an accessory that is not available in our catalog, we can also help you to locate it.

We are committed to providing the best drapery hardware solution at competitive prices. We provide you assistance right from selection to installation of the accessories. Whether it is a recreational space or a commercial space, we can help you choose the right curtain track and accessories that complement your surroundings.
A plethora of options to choose from
We have a carefully curated range of curtains that can work in any room. Our collection of luxurious and elegant fabrics works for both modern and traditional decor.

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