Architectural & Residential Films
Architectural & Residential Films
Everyday, as sunlight enters through the windows of your home bringing warmth and joy with it, there are also harmful UV rays entering your home. Closing the blinds may seem like a superficial solution, but it also limits the amount of sunlight coming in your house.

Global Cool Window Films offer architectural and residential window films to help resolve this problem. Our window films block the harmful UVA and UVB rays, while making sure you are able to enjoy all the goodness of sunlight in your house.

Designed for perfection
The architectural and window films that we create and offer are designed especially to improve the performance and in turn transform the appearance of industrial, commercial, and residential buildings. The biggest advantage of installing window films is that you are able to save on electricity bills with all the natural light coming in. The films also prove to improve security and safety of your house as outsiders cannot look through the windows after film installation.
See the difference yourself
If you are planning to invest in a window film for your office or home, Al Zairah is your best choice. We offer an unmatched level of performance and quality. Not to mention, our extensive range of architectural and residential window films leverage the latest technology and follow the top industry trends to offer films that last for years to come without any warping or fading.

Most importantly, our products are professionally installed to ensure you are able to get the most of them. From the moment our window films are installed in your spaces, you will be able to notice improved security and lowered energy bills.

Whether you are looking to incorporate a contemporary look in your house or a more unique design, we have a wide variety of window films to improve the aesthetic appeal of your spaces. From dark colors to virtually invisible films there is one for every need.

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